The Z Law Difference

Zimmelman Law is not your typical bankruptcy law firm. Here’s what sets Z Law apart from other bankruptcy law firms:

  1. We Listen – While Zimmelman Law possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, one of our strengths is our ability to listen. Listening is the only way to learn about you, your case, and your goals. We can then ask the right questions to identify any potential obstacles or issues with your case. Knowledge of the law only goes so far if you do not know your client or their case. Contacting a lawyer regarding debt or a foreclosure may seem like a last resort, but we will treat you with respect and compassion. Despite the stress you may be feeling, you will begin to feel relieved by the end of your initial consultation.
  3. We Take the time to educate clients – It’s easy to tell a client, “Just give us the documents, and we’ll do the rest.” But when clients are kept in the dark they get anxious and concerned. This is not the best approach in an already stressful time. From the initial consultation until the completion of your case, we will take the time to educate you so you know exactly   what is happening and why. We will advise you every step of the way and help you avoid any pitfalls. Zimmelman Law will not only be there to guide you during the representation, but we will also be there if you have any questions after our representation is complete.
  5. We don’t force one solution or push an easy solution – Attorneys are very quick to push a bankruptcy filing anytime they hear debt or foreclosure. While bankruptcy may be one possible solution, it is not always the best one. By listening to our clients and understanding their goals, we can craft the best solution for their needs. Bankruptcy is not always necessary and it may be in your best interest not to file. Debt can be eliminated, foreclosures can be stopped, and you can get back on track with your mortgage by other means. The easiest solution is not always the best solution.
  7. Every client gets personal attention – At Zimmelman Law, you will be meeting with Matthew D. Zimmelman, Esq. for the initial consultation and every meeting until your case is completed. At many “bankruptcy mills” consultations are dumped on an associate, the big name on the door pops in for a quick introduction, and the file is then passed along to a paralegal until you go to court. Here you will receive the personal attention that your matter deserves from the attorney who puts the Z in Z Law.
  9. Flexible payment options – As a firm that works with clients in difficult financial situations, we understand that it is not always easy to quickly pay legal fees. Zimmelman Law never wants to create a financial hardship over the course of trying to solve one. We offer payment plans and accept many forms of payment.
  11. Availability and convenient office locations – With an office conveniently located in central Nassau County and offices coming soon in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, Zimmelman Law makes it easy to meet with our clients. Can’t make it to the office? We offer virtual meetings by phone, Zoom, and Skype. Z Law does not close at 5 p.m. and we will try to schedule appointments around your work schedule.

Schedule a free consultation today to learn why Zimmelman Law is the right firm for you!