Foreclosure Defense

More Than Just Loan Modifications

You worked hard to save up a down payment to purchase your dream house. After moving and getting settled in you made your mortgage payments for several years. Suddenly life deals you a curveball and you are not able to make your mortgage payments. You may have fallen behind and want to get back on track but the bank isn’t willing to work with you. After several missed payments the bank may no longer accept regular monthly payments unless you can fully catch up immediately. Now what?

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, your bank may be preparing to start a foreclosure action. Maybe you have already been served foreclosure papers. These banks have deep pockets and are well represented. You need someone on your team fighting for you.

Just because they started a foreclosure action does not mean that their position is correct or that they are entitled to your keys. Banks are known to be sloppy and sometimes move too quickly to foreclose without having all of their paperwork in order.

Zimmelman Law defends against these actions to keep you in your home. If your goal is to stop a foreclosure and stay in your home you need to be properly represented. A good attorney will present every possible defense and put you in the best position to succeed in a foreclosure action. If you do not respond to foreclosure paperwork in a timely manner, you may waive your right to raise certain defenses. Foreclosure actions in New York State are lengthy and very involved. Don’t give up without a fight.

We are not a loan modification company. Zimmelman Law knows that no one can guarantee a loan modification. You work too hard to put all of your money into just one solution with a small likelihood of success. We will litigate the foreclosure action and push back so you and your lender can reach a favorable outcome.

Banks do offer options to help borrowers keep a house in foreclosure. A loan modification is one favorable option but you cannot simply disregard a foreclosure case and gamble on a modification. In addition to litigating foreclosure actions, Matthew D. Zimmelman, Esq. has successfully obtained loan modifications for clients within a foreclosure case, outside of foreclosure, and within bankruptcy cases.

While your home may be your greatest asset, our name and reputation are our greatest assets. Let us use these assets to help you. Schedule a free consultation to immediately protect and preserve your rights and save your home.