Happy New Year!

As we start 2021, we have many reasons to be optimistic that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. The simplest reason is that it’s hard to do much worse than 2020. We have two vaccines rolling out and may be on the verge of normalcy (or close to it) by the end of the year. A second stimulus bill was just passed offering payments to many struggling New Yorkers and there’s hope that another stimulus package will follow.

New unemployment claims are still high but as we get closer to normal, hiring should pick up. There is a chance that many who were furloughed could be back to work and terminated positions will be open again. On the flip side, evictions and foreclosures are still on hold, but those will resume at some point this year and collections efforts have been increasing.

We all make resolutions at the start of the year and very few of us actually keep them. Every year we say we’ll eat better, start exercising, get organized, and save more money. I can proudly say that I was able to keep one of my resolutions from 2020—to spend more time with my family. Working from home due to the pandemic certainly helped with that one. 

I would like to suggest that we use 2021 as a reset. We’ve had plenty of time to reflect and made many changes in our lives for our own health. This should also be a time to look at your finances and make sure you’re on a healthy path. If debt is weighing you down, start the year off right and explore how you can address it and get a fresh start. No need to wait for aggressive collections or for foreclosure actions to resume before seeking help.

This pandemic has affected all of us and hopefully we can learn, grow, and be better as a result. We can now handle almost any matter virtually but meet with clients in a pandemic-friendly setting. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2021!

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